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Benefits when you order Handmade Custom Dresses Online.

Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

When you order handmade custom dresses that will fit your body perfectly, show off your best attributes and make you feel comfortable and confident every time you wear it; it saves you all the hustle on: visiting multiple stores, book appointments in different bridal shops, be on a waiting lists for who knows how long, or trying on hundreds of dresses just to find the ideal dreamed dress.

It only takes 3 minutes to order on our website. You can sit and relax at the comfort of your home, continue your life while your handmade custom dress is being made just the way you wanted.

Handmade custom dresses take around 2 to 4 weeks to be finished and delivered to you. All of this is variable depending on how complicated and detailed the design you order might be. The Design you order will be as similar as it can possibly be to the original design you showed us or you had in mind.

Valuable Piece

You might think that sustainable handmade custom dresses will cost you a fortune, but Adamantia Designs keeps working constantly to provide the best prices and quality in the market. Our main goal is to build customer trust and the designer will do her best for you to feel like the best version of yourself while wearing our pieces.

When you order handmade custom dresses online, you will pay only for the materials and labor costs associated with the production of your unique garment.

Handmade custom dresses saves everyone from incredible waste on unsold products and used fabrics that go to the trash because nobody wanted them. Plus Adamantia Designs does not add warehouse expenses since we don’t have unnecessary production of clothing; we don’t have to charge you extra to cover unsold items or items that will be sold at half price during sales season. By functioning on-line we also eliminate extra costs related to maintaining a showroom.

Adamantia Designs has the goal to produce consciously, our handmade custom dresses are crafted from high-quality fabrics especially to your body measurements to make sure it will fit perfectly and you will wear them for years to come!

Concious & Sustainable Designs

Adamantia Designs is looking to make a change in the Fashion Industry, or at least on those minds who have the opportunity to know about our brand. For us, it means to create and produce responsibly, respecting and appreciating the environment, expanding society's consciousness on the concept of fashion. Adamantia Designs is always aiming to decrease the negative impact caused by the fashion industry looking forward to a brighter future for the next generations.


We involve our customers in the process of creating and designing each aspect of their handmade custom dress to make sure that they will love the items and wear them for years to come.


To create unique handmade custom dresses we use eco-friendly fabrics aiming to decrease the waste caused by the fashion industry. Our priority is to offer natural fabrics that are biodegradable and have benefits for health and the environment.


Adamantia designs produce handmade custom pieces; this way we help and contribute to solving one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry, overproduction, and waste.

Ethical Production

Andreina Luquez is a Fashion Designer from Venezuela. A country that is going under in humanitarian crisis at the moment, because of oil/land power. As she fled from her home country, Andreina has traveled across and learned the many necessities of others. With this knowledge, she is looking for her brand to be heard in order to inspire others to appreciate art from a different perspective and to abandon massive consumerism behavior. The designer's goal is to show others how we can all create different and better ways to live harmoniously.


The Designer

Andreina Luquez created Adamantia in 2014 inside a tiny apartment at the heart of Merida City in Venezuela. The brand was inspired to create for women who aren’t afraid to show their true selves. The name itself is a bold statement representing invincible and unbreakable characters who want to overpower and conquer their dreams.

In the early beginnings of her career, the designer introduced her brand in several Fashion Runways with her handmade custom dresses, including Magui Atelier “Venezuela Creativa 2014” and Merida Fashion Week in 2016. Despite Andreina’s not having a Fashion Degree, many years of hard-working hours, attending a fashion design academy, along with the successful creation of her business - dedicated to the confection of handmade custom dresses - it’s what has given her the necessary skills to bring to life the most beautiful designs but still comfortable, chic and wearable. The artist is passionate about building customer trust and make each design show off the client's best attributes.

Expanding abroad

The designer is currently living in Charlotte, NC; As a new beginning, Andreina started from scratch once again with a new collection inspired in the city’s everyday glamour and taste. Nowadays she is constantly creating new designs for her brand and offers her services making Handmade Custom Dresses Online along with sketching services and in-home appointments.

Adamantia Designs recently featured its latest collection “Be Bold” at the Venue on Lake Park Greenville SC, the past August 03, 2019. Participating in an amazing team, Andreina Luquez had the honor to experience a New York Style experience at the Evolve Fashion Runway produced by Johnny Perez.

Handmade Custom Dresses online

Started in Venezuela and continues growing, Adamantia is a recognized brand in Venezuela and Colombia with 17k Instagram followers. Nowadays Adamantia Designs offers beautiful high-quality unique handmade custom dresses online. We also provide in-home visit services and up to 5 designs/sketches included with your handmade custom dress order. Adamantia has designed hundreds of dresses for the past 7 years and we hope to continue providing excellent high-end chic dresses.