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How are Custom Dresses Made?


When you order handmade custom dresses it saves you all the hustle on visiting multiple shops or book appointments in different bridal stores, sign up on waiting lists for who knows how long. Moreover, custom Dresses will fit your body perfectly, show off your best attributes and make you feel confident and comfortable every time you wear it!

It only takes 5 minutes to order on our website. You can sit and relax at the comfort of your home, continue your life while your handmade custom dress is being made just the way you wanted.

Handmade custom dresses take around 1 to 4 weeks to be finished and delivered to you. All of these can vary depending on how complicated and detailed the design you order might be.

The Design you order will be as similar as it can possibly be to the original design you showed us or you had in mind.

1. The Designer Sketches Your Design


First Contact: Customer-Designer communication is essential to avoid your valuable time and the designer’s to be waisted. Leave a note for the designer with details of your event, type of dress, colors you want, etc. The designer will present you with 5 different sketches to choose a final design and begin the production process.

Once you decide on the details for your dress the designer will start the pruduction process. Our dresses are made with care and precision, many details are made by hand and the process might take up to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the embellishments that the customer wants. Casual and simpler dresses only take up to 2 weeks.

2. Record Your Measuraments

If you want to order a custom dress but don’t know your measures, we have a video on how to take your measures to guide you through the process easily and in less than 10 minutes. We also have a measurement guide that you can read with instructive images. Accurate measures of your body are key to a perfectly fitted dress.

3. Choose Fabrics And Embellishments for your ideal dress

You have plenty of fabric samples to choose from. We always offer excellent and high-quality materials for all occasion dresses. You can contact us to order a sample book and choose the fabrics you want before ordering the dress. To order a sample book, first, you must choose a design and type of event you are assisting, this way, the designer can assign a proper sample book to match your design ideas. We also offer eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics for cocktail dresses, formal dresses, and everyday clothing.

4. Production Starts. Pattern Making of your dress.

The designers will create a pattern that works your body figure to your advantage. The process of pattern making will make your body figure show off your best attributes but still feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing. 

We draw the pattern on paper with all of the body measurements you provide. The more the marrier! The patterning process is key to make a custom dress, when you send us accurate measurements, the pattering process will help the designer achieve better results for your dress. It is important that you record accurate measurements of your body to accomplish a perfect fitted dress.

5. Chose to order a Mock-Up Sample for your dress.

We all know weddings and gown materials are expensive. Sometimes, to accomplish the desired design, changes will need to be made. The designer works with a greige cloth fabric to build the first sample design and achieve the best results without adjusting the original piece a dozen times.

Most of the time this process is not necessary, it always depends on the complexity of the design and the customer's inquiries when ordering custom dresses. Mockups are ordered separately.  

The customer is able to order a mock-up sample to try it on and see how the design fits and looks on them before ordering the final handmade custom dress.

6. First Dress Sample and photo confirmation.

The designer will tailor the handmade custom dress with the chosen fabrics, and finally, if embellishments are added or required, these will be sew-on by hand after  quality control check. We want to make sure there are no defects and the design looks perfect.

When the chosen design won't have embellisments or intricate details on it, your dress might be ready to be ship shortly after this step. You will receive an image after this step to confirm you are happy with the design.

7. Your Dress is delivered!

Shortly after your dress is finished and the designer has received the green light - confirmation picture- from you, depending on the chosen shipping package, you will receive the dress wrapped and package in a box in a few days.

We offer the best solutions if the dress is loose or too tight. You can contact us for a 20% return to cover for a seamtress expenses. Also you can earn 10% back for your next purchase when you leave a review on our site!

Start creating your ideal dress on our site today! We are dedicated to making your big day even more perfect!


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