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Give a Fork and Do What You Love.

Andreina Luquez
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What a beautiful butterfly you become when you start loving yourself. Bit by bit your inner conflicts transform into your biggest strengths. 

It’s impressive how comfortable you can feel on your own skin when you forget about your fears and face them with bravery. The key is to think outside the box, question yourself “WHO CARES”??? WHO SAYS I’M NOT ALLOW?? even though a few will say you are not allowed, it is not correct, it’s not ladylike, it’s doesn’t look good in front of others, the rules are these and that. Well my friend, nothing has ever been written in stone and there is no absolute truth about anything. We are all human, same flesh, same structure, same end. 

Paweł Czerwiński

No matter what people say to you, there is always a loophole, a yin to your yan, a crack on the wall with light coming through. Nothing is certain but this moment that we have right now and com’on… Are you going to live vicariously through other people’s lives forever? Are you living for others or for yourself? 

I realized we can’t hold ourselves anymore over other people’s words. there is no way I’ll come back to live that way and maybe Im not flawless, perfect curves, perfect skin, but I’m perfect in my own way, as we are all. Find within these flaws the power of knowledge! 

Handmade custom dresses for all occasions by Adamantia Designs
Once you know your flaws, your virtues will shine like a diamond that it’s polishing slowly and with love. My mom would tell me every day, a soldier can’t be caught by surprise when it has been warned about the war already. Know your weaknesses, observe yourself, if you’re focused on someone else’s business – as in paying attention to what the rest of the world is doing or saying – who is taking care of your business? Your inner conflicts, desires, everyday patterns we develop and are no longer necessary? Who is taking care of that? 

As a car, we need the oil changed every once in a while. Getting rid of patterns that no longer serve you, behaviors that blocked your growth and moving forward to being mentally at peace and happy with everything that we are as humans. 

Artem Beliaikin

Andreina Luquez

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