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Fashion Girl Adamantia Designs Iphone Samsung Hard Case


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These premium, extremely durable cases protects one’s phone in every situation, in the meantime being very light. The surface is perfect for high quality prints, making it a must-have style accessory.

.: Extremely strong plastic
.: With rubber liner
.: Impact resistant, durable
.: Rubber inside plate
.: Supports wireless charging

Create amazing vogue classic accessories with our fashion illustration sketching services!
We customize. Adamantia Designs can recreate the design you’ve been picturing in your dreams! 
We offer effective and professional sketching services. We provide excellent visualization for wedding dress sketches, prom dress sketches, evening dress sketches, costume sketches, and any other formal dress sketches.
Order an illustrated design of your dream dress to visualize and envision your ideas on a printed poster /canvas / other products. Adamantia Designs offers illustration services for wedding pictures, romantic proposals, friendly gifts or just any gown you have in mind. 
Custom Art / Custom Painting
As an artist passionate about expressing my thoughts and because I wanted to be able to share them with others who might feel inspired and transported by my drawings I decided to create this amazing gallery where you can either chose one of these paintings and have it printed on one of our varied products or you can also visualize your own and bring it to life with our Custom Art / Custom Painting Services. You will be able to preview and visualize that amazing dream you had, qhht session experience, ideas or even make a proposal to your loved ones in the most romantic way! your imagination is the limit.
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